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About THM


About THM

What is the film about?


Truly Horrific Horror

My mission is simple. To create the most brutal and bloody slasher film of all time.

THMassacre puts the bodies back into the body count genre. A hyper real gorefest and bloodbath. Horror should be horrific and that's exactly what THMassacre aims to be. 




The project is currently in Post Production following a successful crowd funding campaign and will be released online via crypt soon!

Here are some teaser clips including before & after VFX.


Cast & crew

Cast & crew

We are THMassacre


Bringing you the finest slasher film since ...well... ever! 

Writer-Director / Luke Brady
Co Writer-Co Producer / Graeme Martin
Co Writer-Co Producer / Chris Hirons
DOP / James Martin
1st AC / Harry Buck
2nd AC / Dean Southan
Gaffer / Justin Hunting
Sound / Charlie Hurst
Hair & Make Up / Romaine Bowman
SFX Artist / Kerry Brown
SFX Artist / Amber Louise Chapman
Production Assistant / Stephanie Jaczniakowska-McGirr
VFX / Kate Anna Brady
Editor / Neil Fergusson
Photographer / Colin Miller

Beth / Kerry Bennett
Venner / Jacob Fortune-Lloyd
Toyah / Eleanor Robey
The Feral / Martin W Payne
Lorchan / Alan Breslin

THMassacre would not be possible without the support from the following backers. 

Jean & Tony Brady, Kate Brady, Markus Webber, Norman Ohlhoff, Paul Fry, Kit Ashton, Jon Dickson, Diana Prince, Candice Karenin, Ally Bell, Chloe Fisher,
Tisha & Danny Blackwell, Steven M Irwin, Horror By Proxy, Vi Reaper, Joe Kontor, Ryan Stockstad, Jerry Driscoll, Riley Schmitz, Allen Taylor,, James Martin, Jacob Cain, Collet Collins, Daniel Ratcliffe, Hubert Hobux, Alex Howes, Drew Sheridan-Wheeler, Tanya O'Brien, Gui Pereira, Alain Elliott, Jamie Scott Beal, Doug McKenna, Amanda Hunt, Steven Hickey, Rickey Bird, Andy Harris, Griff, Rob Balcerkiewicz, Elliott Monroe, Trystan Vel, Lee Bostock, Thabo Mhlatshwa, Louise Marie Cooke, Neil Fergusson, Martin W. Payne, Lucy Lampard, Colin Miller, Michelle Blunsome, Sam Penney, Andrew Black, Romaine Bowman.