For anyone who has been living under a rock the past few days you might be wondering why a familiar style of artwork keeps appearing online. All of the work has a distinct look that's down to the unique techniques created by artist Jason Edmiston.

I have been a huge fan of his work for quite some time, he ranks in my top ten living artists and I have been lucky enough to bag myself a couple of his prints recently. Mondo did a hugely successful timed print run on Jason's Hateful Eight that is simply sublime.

The Hateful Eight by Jason Edmiston, released by Mondo for a timed print. 

Jason reminds us that even in an over saturated market there will always be a place for great artists to survive and thrive. His prints are highly collectible and very hard to come by. But like a true sport Jason is finally about to release his much anticipated hardcover book containing 256 pages of his mind blowing art so we can enjoy more of his art.

I just pre ordered my copy on Amazon and I strongly suggest you do too before it's sold out. The book is already a top number one pre selling book, which is no surprise when you look at the popularity of his art. It's easy to see why people call him 'pop cultures Rembrandt'!

Pre order here:


And make sure you check out his work and give him a follow online (I may regret posting this if I miss out on future poster prints!)