One of my biggest frustrations being a UK Horror filmmaker is that too often our genre struggles to monetise itself fairly. With the distribution model all but broken for independent film it's absolutely critical we begin to safeguard the genre we love and work in. 

The main thing that my debut film Young, High and Dead taught me was that in order to sell any viable product you need a water tight business plan. Film is business no matter how much you try and leverage the artistic and creative side to it. No sales = no work.

I know so many talented fellow filmmakers who all hustle and work as hard as me but in order for all of us to survive we need to start disrupting the industry. So how do we do it?

If you want to learn about disruption then I strongly recommend you check out this incredible podcast!

The Disruptive Entrepreneur by Rob Moore

The Disruptive Entrepreneur by Rob Moore

No matter what business you are in whether its making horror films, renting property to making coffee this podcast is a fountain of wisdom for anyone looking to create stability and success with their work. Rob Moore's podcast is probably the most significant and life changing business resource you will ever need, and it's entirely FREE. Click here 

click image to open podcast.

click image to open podcast.

You can find out more about Rob and his podcast on his website or follow him on twitter and fb.
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