CryptTV just unleashed this special Grindhouse tribute for July the 4th and it's fucking goretastic! Directed by Jon Kovel with some inventive seasonal kills the film brings the Ghost of Thomas Jefferson to a cheesy 70's retro summer BBQ. Needless to say Jefferson didn't fight for independence so kids could party and be rude to old people, so he unleashes hell and shows them that freedom and liberty come at a price.

I just love the straight up sfx gags that hold no punches. This is exactly how horror should be, unapologetic, unassuming and perfectly over the top. There's lot's of attention to detail in the set design and costume design, it's beautifully shot and the performances are perfectly pitched. 

I hope the filmmakers had as much fun making this as I did watching it. Check it out below.

Luke Slasher-Brady

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