THE LONDON HORROR SOCIETY is exactly what it says it is. If you live near or in London or anywhere in the UK (I live outside of London but am still a member!) I strongly recommend you check out their website and join the society. It's FREE!

It's not often you find a company that genuinely just wants to support and lend their help to a community, especially the horror genre. Let's face it, us horror fans easily get ripped off by people knowing who know we will spend huge chunks of money for the love of the genre. Introducing Chris and the awesome team who run the London Horror Society. A fantastic online network that has been building for a few years now but has just recently had an impressive face lift. It's entirely free to join and it helps link fans and filmmakers who are passionate about all things horror.

Since they have started they have thrown a few FREE screenings and they have even made a horror film that's been sold and distributed! They are always looking to collaborate with writers to help create content so it's a great opportunity to get your work out to up and coming filmmakers and horror fans.

You can find out more about them on the LondonHorrorSociety website and definitely give them a follow on twitter and FB.