This is a long overdue post and I apologise for the lack of updates. 

THMassacre has been busy under the post production knife, our editor Neil has been busy slicing away the fat making the film leaner than a cocaine fuelled whippet. Lucie our awesome colourist has been prepping the LUT's (look up tables) to determine the style and look of the film and my sister Kate has been busy creating cinematic magic in the VFX dept. 

In this modern digital era where anyone can grab a camera and shoot something you have to go to extra lengths to make your work stand out from the crowd. SFX & VFX are two things very close to my heart, as they allow me to be even more creative and make the strange world in my head become a reality. THMassacre has a lot of difficult vfx shots littered throughout and it's a slow process but hopefully you agree that it's well worth the time and effort. 

Below is a quick clip showcasing one of the outside shots from the very first episode. We flipped the hill from looking down so that the audience look up a hill. We removed the telephone lines, moved and added some more trees in the background, added mist, the farm building that we shot the interiors in, moved the fence posts, added brambles and barbed wire, plus several other cool things.

I cannot wait to show you how good the rest of the film looks, especially the blood an gore shots. Stay tuned for more updates and a teaser clip is coming soon!

Luke Slasher-Brady

Before and after - low res version for web

Before and after - low res version for web