I could never run any kind of serious blog or news feed, I am pretty on the pulse when it comes to getting info just slow to relay it, the perils of being a filmmaker who is not very good at time management!

Last month Jeremy Gardner & Christian Stella (the guys who made 'The Battery') successfully raised enough funds on their kickstarter campaign that I posted about a few months back. They had a campaign with a difference and these guys seem to have all the ingredients you would expect from your typical indie filmmaker, so I wanted to share this project again. Their KS funding allowed them to release their feature film titled 'Tex Montana' worldwide with a creative commons license. I won't bore you with what a CC licence is (you can look it up) but it basically means they are giving away the film for FREE and figured out a great way to work the digital distribution landscape in their favour. I really love this kind of experimental filmmaking, people like Jeremy & Christian are out there pushing boundaries and helping to keep the Indie dream alive.

You can watch the film for FREE below and check out their fantastic zombie flick 'The Battery' online here 

Luke Slasher B