It's a classic day in the horror calendar, especially for fellow slasher fans like me. It's Jason Voorhees's birthday and for 36 years (born same year as me) he's been one of the biggest icons in the horror genre.

It's incredible to think that there have been twelve Friday the 13th films! OR have there....? 

How many Jason films are there really? 

How many Jason films are there really? 

It seems some people out there just cannot get enough of the Voorhees family and that the franchise doesn't churn out it's films quickly enough. Introducing FRIDAY THE 13TH PART3 JASON'S REVENGE made by the exceptionally creative and hard trying dfhs studios. This is a non profit film so it's legal for me to post it although I am not sure if the film has broken any crimes against filmmaking. Production value would have been higher if they shot the film with a potato. But you have to look beyond little things like, acting, dialogue and plot. 

I love trash cinema and I say this as an absolute compliment to the filmmakers. This film is so bad it's actually pretty impressive. It's accumulated 1.4 million views (me being one of of them), so consider this the 13th installment. 

Good luck & enjoy the film - let me know what you think once your mind, body and soul has recovered. 

Luke Slasher B

PS keep an eye out at 18'01'' for the dog in bathroom moment.