It's very difficult to convey the world of 'The Highridge Massacre' to people, it's vast, twisted and utterly brutal but hopefully this blog will give you an idea of what the film is about.


Beth and her so called friends head to Highridge Woods for a weekend of drinking, drugs and frolicking but after an altercation upon the group’s arrival, things spirals out of control when they cross the path of the Venners. A savage family of tattooed gypsies who cut, burn, and dismember their victims creating a blood bath in the forest. Who will stand up to the Venners? “Who will survive and what will be left of them?


Yes and No. The Highridge Massacre or THM is much more than your typical violent body count film. Yes it contains all the blood and epic death scenes that gorehounds like me will love but its not a cookie cutter story with characters that have the personalities of gingerbreadmen. The film might contain all the ingredients other slashers do (teens on drugs in a forest and camping)  It certainly nods an appreciation to the golden slasher era of the late 70s to early 80s but this has a British approach to the genre. Kind of like what 28 days later did with the zombie sub genre.

THM is multilayered and far more complex than people think and it's proud of it's genre. Recent slashers have deliberatly made fun of themselves to justify the lack of originalty hoping the comedy element holds weight. My film does raise some important social commentary and brings realistic relateable characters into a heightened situation thats well within the realms of possibility. Most importantly The Highridge Massacre has an amazing female lead character - Beth.  

Beth is unlike any other female character that normally occupies (pay note to that word!) these types of films, she's not a scream queen or a damsel in distress. She isn't a pathetic or vulnerable bookworm and she doesn't go seeking revenge after getting raped. She is a strong female character that people are going to love and route for because she's a Hero character thats completely psychopathic!


Never judge a slasher film by it's final girl! Beth is NOT a predictable female in a horror film and she's NOT a phoney psycopath either. Often films like this justify the action of the female character killing others because it's self defence or humilation. But what if she killed and enjoyed it? What if it was something she had always wanted to do? What if she ended up on a camping trip and all hell broke loose?

The Highridge Massacre shows you exactly what happenS when a family of tattoed serial killer gypsies pick on the wrong girl!

 For Beth this isn't fight or flight. It's hunting time!

I love horror films and I especially love the slasher sub genre but too often a Psychopath is portrayed as an axe/knife wielding maniac who is hell bent on killing random strangers because their mother didn't love them. The Highridge Massacre pitches a closet psychopath against a depraved family of tattooed gypsies and the result is a violent explosion of carnage. If you accurately study the behaviour and mentality of a psychopath you will understand that murder is not always at the forefront of their mind. They are devoid of empathy and lack the ability to contemplate the consequences of their actions, they are manipulative and can be extremely determined to achieve unrealistic goals. Psychopaths work in finance, the government, they are highly successful sports stars, egotistical film stars, they are the disruptive members of families who say and do unforgivable things, they hurt people emotionally and they don't give a shit. But a psychopath is not that easy to spot, hundreds of other mental health disorders can mask the diagnosis, wealth, fame or love can change our perception. They can go years even decades without committing a crime and to most people they can come across as charming and well presented. Even lovable.

The HIghridge Massacre brings a truthful interpretation of a psychopathic character to life and throws them in a situation where becomes all too easy and tempting to go on killing spree. Especially when the victims are despicable and deserve to fucking die!


This is just scratching the surface of what #THM is about as I am determined not to make these blogs epic in length, but there will be more updates detailing characters, design and levels of gore this film will go to, so stay tuned!

In the mean time you can check out my kickstarter campaign to learn a bit more about the first part of this exciting British Horror film.…/thmassacre/horror-film-0

Until then... keep an eye out for 'real' psychopaths

Luke Slasher-Brady

PS: If you want a funny and witty insight into the world of psychopaths I highly recommend you read Jon Ronsons 'The Psychopath Test'.