I often get asked by friends and colleagues what exactly is it that I'm working on. I guess because the project is quite vast and complex people get confused, is it a film, a webseries or a comic?

It's all of those things and much, much more!

This two part blog will give you the background of how #THMassacre came about but to truly understand The Highridge Massacre we need to take a step back to 2013.


In 2013 I self released my debut feature film Young, High and Dead. The film was shot in just 10 days for £8,500 and took me over 6 years to make, a highly ambitious project for any filmmaker. The film received great support from the horror community with several big horror sites giving it the thumbs up, many people understood the style and tone I was going for and the subtext behind each scene/character.

With zero money for advertising and no idea what I was actually doing the film sparked but then quickly fizzled into a puff of smoke. I had several dubious sales offers which were financially risky and would have meant I sign away the rights for up to 40 years - including sequels, prequels, merchandise etc! Top tier distribution companies wrote back with positive feedback but they couldn't sell 'Young, High and Dead'.

Early YHAD artwork

Early YHAD artwork

Young, High and Dead had died and it killed me inside to face up to this. I felt like 6 years of hard work had been wasted. I worried that I had screwed up my big chance to make it as a filmmaker. At first it was easy to blame the 'global recession' and some scrupulous distribution companies but those excuses were bullshit. I was the only one to blame for the demise of Young, High and Dead.

I felt like I had let everyone down and started to feel embarrassed by the whole project. I was angry at myself for making so many mistakes and began to question my ability to make it as a filmmaker. "Maybe I'm not cut out for this business, what if I'm just another deluded filmmaker whose dreams outweigh reality?"

After I got all the self loathing out the way I began to map out a plan to try and turn things around. 

Luke B

Check back for Pt2 and find out what happened next...