So after 9 much needed day's off (holiday) as soon as I got off the plane I started prepping for a different horror project that's separate from The Highridge Massacre #THM.

Whilst I was away I found out about a short horror competition setup by the cool people at E One Entertainment and Hey U Guys. Click to the left for the link. It's a cool competition for budding filmmakers to create a short 6-60 second film and the winner get's their film included in the Sinister 2 DVD, how amazing is that! The deadline is this Wednesday (19th August 2015). I had to think and work extremely fast on my final day off. With limited resources and minimal time to get things done (just one day) I decided on a simple concept with a creepy location that's close to home.

Check out the hashtag #SinisterHomeMovie 

The derelict location where I filmed

The derelict location where I filmed

This time I was filming entirely on my own, no cast and no crew, just me working away in this creepy abandoned building with an evil looking doll. I don't consider myself a wimp but filming there by myself was not a pleasant experience and it freaked me out quite bit!

In just under an hour I prepped the shoot (which is a record time for me). I knew I wanted to do something with a large creepy doll that I never got round to using in Young High and Dead, so I instantly set about making her look even more horrific. This involved chopping away a section of her hair, blackening her eye's and cutting a section out of her back so I could operate the rotation of her head. I was originally going to have the doll sit up in the corner of the abandoned room but my wife suggested it had been done too many times in films and that I should have her hanging from a rafter instead. I never knew she had such disturbing mind! The hanging is actually a really cool touch, as it fit's in well with the movie Sinister and the artwork they have created on their website (see below). Genius.


I have to make some final touches to the edit and grade and will be posting the short film tomorrow (Weds 19th Aug 2015) 9:00am so I look forward to getting your feedback.

I hope you dream of creepy evil dolls tonight, sleep tight.

Luke Slasher-Brady


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