For the past few years I have been busy working on the follow up to my debut film 'Young High and Dead' called 'The Highridge Massacre' a.k.a #THM, hopefully you have explored the website and you know a bit about the project. If not, what are you waiting for?

Pat yourself on the back for arriving here, you have exquisite taste when it comes to the macabre! #THM is on the cusp of becoming something very special in British Horror Cinema, I have collaborated with a ton of fantastic artists and creatives to help bring the world alive and by helping to support the project you get exclusive info and previews. So keep checking back and make sure to follow me on twitter @THMassacre 

YOU CAN HELP us immensely quickly and easily by sharing our 'ThunderClap' - don't know what a ThunderClap is? Let me quickly explain.

On the 31st of August we are going to launch a Kickstarter campaign that offers excellent perks but before we do that we created a Thunderclap that allows you to help us spread the word on the day. By clicking below and joining (free, no hassle and no commitment) you allow the Thunderclap THM campaign to post on your social media platform along with me and 100 amazing horror supporters, this way we can all join forces to spread the message.

What's the catch?

There honestly isn't one. We won't spam you, there are no payments or anything, Thunderclap has been used by some of the biggest and best organisations to help spread the word about art projects, political campaigns and pretty much anything that requires the 'power of the people'.

So what are you waiting for? Join our horror campaign and be a part of something that will definitely make people go 'wow' I didn't know 'your name' was into such cool fucked up films!

Luke B