During the week I received an email that not only made my day but also my entire week. It was from Colin Miller, the photographer who shot all the behind the scenes stills when I filmed my #6secondscare clips for the Fear The Crypt competition. Virtually every pic on this website has been taken by Colin so I don't need to explain how awesome his work is.

In fact awesome enough for me to trust Colin to photograph for the most important day in my life.

My wedding!

An absolute perfect shot by Colin from my wedding.

An absolute perfect shot by Colin from my wedding.

One thing I never knew though was how good Colin is with Photoshop. When he sent me a rough image of something he 'knocked up' for The Highridge Massacre I started grinning and fell instantly in love with what he had created. It's stunningly simple and yet such a striking image of the character Beth - played by Eliza Murray. 

Colin has a great eye for taking photos that capture powerful dramatic moments and he certainly did this with the teaser artwork for Highridge Massacre.

Check it!

I realise how lucky I am to not only know such a talented guy but how incredibly generous it was of him to take the time to make such a cool piece of artwork for my project. It also cemented what I have always known to be true. Colin is a filmmakers photographer and now he's becoming a filmmakers artist!

This blog is my way of thanking him and acknowledging his talent. I strongly recommend you go follow him and tell all your family & friends about his work, especially if you know someone who is looking for a photographer. Don't believe me? Then go see for yourself....


Luke B

PS. Colin did not pay me to write this.