Throughout April we all tend to do a bit of spring cleaning and when sifting through an old hard drive to free up some space I found a short story I wrote a few years ago. I gave it a quick dust and freshened it up for you to read so I hope you enjoy it.

One day I would like to extend the story and shoot it as a live action manga film but this would involve expensive CGI and motion capture, so for now...... 




In slow motion a blurred pornographic photo swirls through the air and floats down through the centre of a huge spiral staircase. The picture is of a wide eyed girl in her early 20's spread naked across a bed. As the photo drifts down, more begin to follow, each one revealing the same girl in a different compromising position.


On the ground floor in the derelict building a fire exit bursts open, the wind blows leaves and dirt across the black and white chequered floor. Metal clicks from high heel shoes echo throughout the stairwell as a girl wanders in, her white shirt is torn and splattered in blood which expounds the violence this girl has already unleashed to get to this place. This is the same girl in the photos and her name is SG!

SG stops at the staircase and looks up from where the photographs are falling, her purple eyes glimmer like two Amethyst quartz and her entire body starts to suffuse with a force similar to nitrous oxide. As the photo finally settles upon the floor by her feet she bares needle sharp teeth. Someone up there is dropping evidence or leaving a trail for her. Someone had better start running!

Up on the 5th floor a grossly overweight businessman mops his brow with a handkerchief in a het up manner. The five flights of stairs were too much for him and during his anxious escape he caught his attache case on a sharp metal railing bursting it wide open. His heart is pounding like a jack hammer and his lungs wheeze with every breath as he struggles to gather up the remaining photographs. On the case in big gold embossed letters is the name - JIMMI JEWELL.

SG explodes into a turbulent sprint and darts up the winding staircase, with every twist and turn she moves with the lightest touch as photos continue to cascade all around her. The second Jimmi clamps the case shut he senses that SG is stood right behind him. He knows she hasn't got a gun as his brains would have been blasted all over the shiny steel plate floor by now. There will be no bargaining with this particular victim of abuse, he knows this entire matter will only be settled when one of them stops breathing. Jimmi rises to his feet, towering over her petite frame, he looks her up and down for weapons, he sense her vulnerability and notices she has nothing other than the skimpy outfit she is wearing. Jimmi can't help but leer at her revealing top.

SG flicks her foot towards his head with full force but Jimmi blocks her kick with a tight grip around her ankle, stopping her foot just inches from his face. With her legs spread apart and SG slightly off balance he lecherously stares below her short skirt before grabbing her foot with his other hand snapping her ankle.

SG lets out an agonising scream as Jimmi Jewell lowers a carved wooden handle into the palm of his right hand.


A huge blade shoots from the handle in Jimmi's hand.


A huge metal spike ejects from her 6 inch heel straight into Jimmi's skull and pinning his head to the concrete wall. Blood sprays all over SG as Jimmy drools blood and twitches with every last beat of his heart.

The end.

Luke B