As some of you know I have a different project on the side, it's entirely different to what I normally do with no blood or gore but it's such an extraordinary piece that I had to get involved. The entire piece is based around the famous poet John Keats and his largely unknown relationship with Isabella Jones. Keep an eye out for project updates and you can follow the project via twitter @KeatsEndymion 

With my head buried in books about poetry and half my brain thinking about a massacre in a forest I felt an urge to attempt some prose of my own. I hope you enjoy.

Luke (still slashing) Brady


Once upon a crime, a shadow rose

From a blood soak'd corpse, with blood soak'd toes

The death wasn't met with your usual hurl

For it was remarkably, committed by a girl

A sweet nymphet, with tresses flowing

Crimson soaked cheeks and blue eyes glowing

Her figure cut dress, patterned with rose

A warm melting look that can quickly transpose this prose!


Keres is her name, hells angel sent.

Blood sucking fangs to satisfy her fix,

To scour the lands for wounded military gent,

The demonic daughter of the Night Goddess Nyx.

Cries from the battlefield as charred corpse's smoulder

Keres swoops down to feast and graze,

Upon feeble prey, she bares a loving gaze.

The mortal screams, from each wound'ed soldier.

Her beauty beckons across the black barren night,

And as each man draws his final breath.

Each noble soldier with all his charon might,

Cannot fight impending death.

Deathly kisses shower the war zone breadth.  

As she casts each soul to Hades depth!




Luke Brady


Artwork by Victoria Frances