A huge welcome if you have landed here for the first time? And welcome back to existing followers. So with the new year it seemed highly appropriate for an entirely fresh look and approach to my website. The journey thus far has been long with many ups and downs but with each passing moment things get better and more blood thirsty!

2015 is proving to be a highly exciting year for me with lot's of great projects under way. I am currently working with the amazing fearthecrypt.com team on a British web series focused on my latest horror creation 'THE HIGHRIDGE MASSACRE' which is a follow up to my underground debut feature film 'YOUNG HIGH AND DEAD'. I am going to be making 10 short horror films that will shock, entertain and be drenched in blood! In complete contrast I also have another short film underway which is a story about the early life of John Keats.

So with lot's of work happening and great collaborations expect to see some exciting projects and films materialise throughout the year. In a few weeks our Keats project website goes live so please keep checking back to see new changes to the website and subscribe to keep updated on any of my current projects. 

Luke B